Antitrust and Competition

Issues pertaining to antitrust and competition are very important for today's business, especially taking into account the significant number of cross-border transactions and the strictness of Uzbek antitrust legislation. Whether it is a merger, a government investigation into allegedly anti-competitive practice or antitrust litigation, lawyers of Leges Advokat represent clients on the entire range of antitrust and competition matters, assisting them in navigating through the complicated antitrust and competition laws and regulations of Uzbekistan.

We represent clients in all stages of merger control procedures before the Uzbek state authorities. Our lawyers have broad experience in applying for and obtaining consents of Uzbek antitrust and competition authorities for acquisitions and mergers, often representing worldwide corporations doing business in Uzbekistan.

We are also experienced in representing clients in investigations conducted by Uzbek antitrust and competition authorities as well as in representing them before the Uzbek courts in antitrust cases by vigorously defending our clients’ interests.

At Leges Advokat, we give a priority to preempting antitrust issues and strive to minimize the risk of having them arise later as complicated problems. With this in mind, we can offer the clients comprehensive due diligence and compliance services to avoid investigations, unnecessary risks and significant fines.