Insolvency and Bankruptcy

In providing our legal services in the area of Insolvency and Bankruptcy we serve a broad range of clients, including lenders (secured and unsecured), borrowers, debtors, creditors, share and equity holders, asset purchasers, landlords, receivers, and other interested parties.

Our clients comprise companies in almost every industry, including financial services, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, health care, telecom, construction, engineering, and real estate.

Leges Advokat’s Insolvency and Bankruptcy practice offers solutions to clients by combining the firm’s experience in bankruptcy law with its expertise in related areas like secured transactions, mergers and acquisitions, asset-based lending, real estate and intellectual property. The firm’s primary focus and competencies include corporate reorganizations, judicial and out-of-court insolvencies and restructurings, debtor - creditor relations and bankruptcy, including representing clients and litigating matters related to all of the above in the courts of Uzbekistan.

Our experience on both the creditor and debtor side allows us to identify and understand all aspects of a problem and to structure innovative, informed and practical solutions to best protect and advance our clients’ interests.

In addition to the legal services provided to the clients in the area of Insolvency and Bankruptcy, Leges Advokat also provides advice and assists in litigating issues that are often associated with defaulting borrowers, complex debt issues, and lender liability.