Labor and Employment

Leges Advokat’s Labor and Employment practice involves representation of management in all areas of labor and employment law. Our lawyers counsel local and international clients across a broad spectrum of industries, including oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, technology, manufacturing, transportation, financial services, banking, and construction.

We provide our practical advice to employers in Uzbekistan regarding all aspects of the employment relationship, ranging from hiring, disciplinary practices and employment termination, compensation practices, confidentiality concerns, protection of good will and proprietary information of employers. We combine in-depth legal knowledge of Uzbekistan’s labor laws with focused, practical experience to help managers make sound judgments while reducing our clients’ potential exposure.

Lawyers of Leges Advokat have extensive employment litigation experience in all major employment law issues, including wrongful termination, wrongful disciplinary actions, employment contract and employee benefits claims, salary and benefits disputes and enforcement of confidentiality obligations. Our experience includes both defending class actions and cases filed by individual plaintiffs.

We can also assist the clients in drafting employment contracts, employer’s internal rules and policies, management orders and instructions, and can effectively represent employers in negotiating collective bargaining agreements.

• Our lawyers have deep and intimate knowledge of nuances of employing foreign citizens in Uzbekistan. In addition, we can provide our assistance in obtaining work permits for foreign specialists employed by Uzbek companies.